• Question: If the uiniverse is constantly expanding what is the probability that we will come into contact with other life forms and what is the chance that they will be humanoid?

    Asked by esthercoleman to Ed, Keith, Tish, Nicola, Rachel on 8 Mar 2013. This question was also asked by aliceandsarah.
    • Photo: Keith Beattie

      Keith Beattie answered on 8 Mar 2013:

      I actually think it is very very unlikely. Humans have existed on earth for a very very short time considering the history of the universe. The chances of other life forms evolving in exactly the same way, at the same time and developing technology to travel over huge distances in the to meet us is very small. I think if they were close by we would probably have discovered that by now. But I guess anything is possible.

    • Photo: Edward Taylor

      Edward Taylor answered on 9 Mar 2013:

      I’m with Keith on this one, I dont think we’ll meet anything in our lifetime. NASA is constantly listening out for radiowaves from other planets that might indicate intelligent life broadcasting on the electromagnetic spectrum (which is what radio, phones, wireless internet, pretty much everything is transmitted on!) but have so far heard nothing. However NASA have found hundreds of planets next to other stars in our solar system that are just the right distance from the star meaning they aren’t too hot or too cold and so could potentially have life on them, so who knows!! Unfortunately they are millions and millions of miles away.

      The chance they are humanoid is tricky one! I think if they were an intelligent life form they would have to share at least some of the key features we have to evolve into intelligence. A lot of scientists believe our intelligence came about during evolution when we started standing on two legs, leaving two limbs free to hold and use tools. So if other life in the universe were to evolve to become intelligent enough to build and fly spaceships, then they would probably have some legs for moving and arms and hands for using tools. Lets hope one turns up one day!

    • Photo: Nicola Lazenby

      Nicola Lazenby answered on 11 Mar 2013:

      I’d like to think we are not alone in the universe! Maybe we won’t find humans or little green men….but surely there is something ‘living’ out there……maybe not ‘living’ as we do, but ‘living’ in it’s own unique way! 🙂