• Question: If you look at your career so far would you say you made the right choice?

    Asked by rocket to Ed, Keith, Tish, Nicola, Rachel on 16 Mar 2013.
    • Photo: Edward Taylor

      Edward Taylor answered on 16 Mar 2013:

      Looking at my career I think I definitely made the right choice. I really enjoy the work I do, find it interesting and there is plenty of opportunity to progress my career into other types of engineering if I want or towards management.
      I have loads of friends at my office that I can hang out with, and plenty of free time!

    • Photo: Natasha Watson

      Natasha Watson answered on 17 Mar 2013:

      Definitely. Although I didn’t intend on doing an EngD (there were no standard graduate jobs available at Buro Happold) I’m very glad I did as I wouldn’t have had half of the appreciation for public engagement and encouraging engineering uptake as I do, and I wouldn’t have met some incredible people.

    • Photo: Nicola Lazenby

      Nicola Lazenby answered on 18 Mar 2013:

      When I wasn’t accepted for my PhD at Newcastle University due to lack of funding, I thought my academic life was pretty much over. However, after doing some research into what is out there and not what is on my door step, I found that there was a lot more than what meets the eye!

      I never regret things in life, as I see everything is an experience to learn, but I know I definitely made the right decision moving to Sheffield and studying here. It’s opened up a lot of new opportunities I otherwise wouldn’t have had!