• Question: What was your favourite type of science at school?

    Asked by awimbaway to Ed, Keith, Tish, Nicola, Rachel on 15 Mar 2013.
    • Photo: Rachel Harris

      Rachel Harris answered on 15 Mar 2013:

      It was chemistry, all those bangs. But I did enjoy all the sciences

    • Photo: Natasha Watson

      Natasha Watson answered on 15 Mar 2013:

      I really enjoyed Chemistry and Physics, so it would be hard for me to choose between them!

      Physics I liked because we learnt about atoms and quarks and what makes up the universe, as well as gravity and the earth. It gave me a better appreciation of what’s around me.

      Chemistry I liked because we got to do cool experiments and make things explode. Also that gave me a better appreciation of what’s around me too; why certain things dissolve in alcohol and not water, why ice floats etc.

    • Photo: Edward Taylor

      Edward Taylor answered on 16 Mar 2013:

      My favourite science was Biology, I really enjoyed the practical experiments. Physics was a close second!

    • Photo: Nicola Lazenby

      Nicola Lazenby answered on 18 Mar 2013:

      I was definitely more of a maths and science person than an English and art person! I liked designing and making things but I didn’t like painting and sewing things!