• Question: You said you work on more efficient heating for houses - do you also work on improving insulation? We only heat our house at minimum level because otherwise we'd practically be wasting money heating the garden, so I was wondering if you help improve house-building technologies so that we use less heating in the future as new houses are built. Thank you - Leonie

    Asked by leoniej to Nicola on 18 Mar 2013.
    • Photo: Nicola Lazenby

      Nicola Lazenby answered on 18 Mar 2013:

      Because my PhD is focused on 1 very specific area, I sadly don’t look at how to improve buildings insulation! Your correct this is a very important, as without good insulation, the heat we put into our house would just escape out through the walls. No doubt there is someone else doing a PhD research project in the university on how to improve building insulation. With better insulation we would require less heat 🙂