Talking to engineers

If your teacher has booked a live chat, then you’re in the right place!

The room will automatically open up below, about 5 minutes before your chat is due to start. On the left is the room for the students. And on the right, the engineers.

  • Aim your comments at particular people by putting an @ in front of their name, eg: @ModRosie, what’s your favourite colour?
  • Don’t write full sentences in capital letters, its considered shouting and rude.
  • Try not to fill the chat with lines of spam, smiley faces or the same question – the engineers will try to answer your question, just give them a minute!
  • There will be moderators who will kick you from the room if you get disruptive.. And once you’re kicked, you can’t come back.

Remember if you’re question doesn’t get answered in the chat, you can ASK the engineers questions on the website. Bear in mind, the better your question is, the more chance you have of it being answered.. So really make them tough!

And finally.. Remember to VOTE – who wins.. You decide!

Always ask a Mod if you need help.